Living like a vagabond for the last 10 years made me who I am today.. I appreciate a good bed, I live for beautiful moments, I found out Cheez-Itz count as a food group, I’m grateful for every beautiful soul I meet and I learned that cheap beer still does the trick & all whiskey is good whiskey! 
There are so many moments to be grateful for, especially in the last year, I can’t count just one. Instead, I would like to thank all of you — everyone who has supported this crazy dream, everyone who has shown me immense kindness when it felt like the road was never-ending, everyone who values music as every atom of one’s being… thank you. You have made the last 10 years so memorable, I have a lifetime of joy stored up ❤️ 
To 2017!

Life sucks… and then you fucking change it.

“Just when you think I’m at the end… I’ma catch my second wind” 🎶

I’m going to be the most honest I’ve ever been…

This year has been the shittiest year of my life. Through and through. Between health issues, assault(s), family issues, label drama, it’s been a doozy. In my lifetime, horrible things have happened, but I usually have a little time in between to recover. This was just a massive pile-up.

I’ve been kicked down harder than I knew I could be kicked, bled as much as I could bleed, tried like hell to get up just to be kicked down again. But hey… that’s life. It doesn’t always go easy on us. Our true character shines through during these difficult times. There are so many people who are dealt a wayyyy shittier hand, who am I to complain about ANYTHING?!

I have worked my ass off on an album that took every cell in my body to make and I’m damn proud.

I’m also SO fucking lucky — not only to have survived this year but to come out of it on top.. I just want to thank everyone who was there for me and I want to give a huge shout out to those of you who fight every day to just keep your head up, let alone held high. It’s not easy to admit defeat (especially when your body is trying to break you while your mind is trying to hang tough), but when you have incredible people around you and a kick ass reason to live, it makes fighting for every moment beyond worth it.

I could barely stand when I recorded my album. I had to cling onto the mic stand for dear life, just to remain upright. But here we are!

I wrote and recorded songs that took me to another place, a happy place that reminded me of who I was before I got sick. The “fun, outgoing, insanely optimistic Bari Leigh” — Now, I’m on the mend, doing everything I can to be the healthiest person I can be.

I encourage anyone struggling through the darkest of times to keep fighting. I know it sounds cliché and easier said than done. As embarrassed as I am to admit it, there were times when I honestly considered the weakest, most selfish option… Not waking up.

I’ve never been this vulnerable in my life. I don’t like to talk about my feelings, I hate “over-sharing” and most of all, I DESPISE looking weak… But today, I realized I’ve been feeling sorry for myself for way too long.

I will never stop fighting for my dreams… I just needed a reminder and today I got that reminder.

I can’t wait for y’all to hear my new music. I’ve worked harder in the last year than I’ve ever worked on anything and now you’ll understand why this album means the world to me! I’m sugar and grit, I’m #HoneyAndGravel — to the very core.

Thank you to my Mommy.. most of all… I wouldn’t be here, continuing to fight tooth and nail if it wasn’t for you. I love you. Everything I do, every ounce of success, that’s all because of you. 

The Medical “System”

Attention all hospital personnel: 
I heard a story this morning about a 6-year old who died because a hospital in Charlotte “released him too soon”. My heart is absolutely broken for this poor baby and his family. 

Something has to change. You send an ill 6 year-old home to die because of overcrowding?! Really?? You send countless people home on a daily basis and don’t think twice about what happens when they leave you. The medical community needs a HUGE wake up call.

If you are a doctor or nurse and you have a theory about how something like this was allowed to happen, please comment below. 

It is YOUR responsibility, as healthcare providers to protect us. If we can’t trust you, who can we trust?

adopt. rescue. love. 

Some people were put on this earth to change the world. Coral Ben Atar with Sleepy’s Dream Pitbull Rescue drove through night to come pick up 3 puppies from TN. They saved a mother and her 2 puppies! The 2 puppies already have a good home but Mama is my favorite. She needs a loving home if anyone in Maryland is looking for a teeny tiny Pit mix! 

If it wasn’t for people like Coral & SDPR, these dogs would have never had a chance. 
If you’re getting a dog, adopt. If you don’t like Pitbulls specifically because they’re Pits, look at this face! Not a mean bone in her body. She’s perfect.